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We at Lorrie's Talk News Radio are committed to waking people up both to the things of this world, and the world to come, and the spiritual aspects behind it all. It doesn't matter if you believe something or not, "they" do, and "they" ACT on those beliefs. Religion DRIVES politics, and what are the two things you're told never to discuss??? Why??? They BOTH touch EVERYONE'S lives regardless of what we believe or don't believe. The law reflects those beliefs, and history shows the changes in them, so you'll get some of those too. Come join us when you're ready to have the vail pulled back and your world turned upside down.


Joh 3:12 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you [of] heavenly things?


WOW guys, if you're looking for remedy, this is the ticket!!!


Bill of Exchange Education with Dennis Schuelke and Steve Curry

And DON'T miss Dennis' tribute to and rendition of Paul Harvey's "If I Were the Devil"

If I Were The Devil Recording.MP3



2015_02_13 Steve Rice Call (4 Corners Doctrine).mp3

Strikes at the Heart of the Matter!!!

2014_07_23 Arminianism vs Calvinism OR Episcopal vs Presbyteria




2014_08_10 Infiltration vs Invasion.mp3

2014_08_19 Faith vs Fear (Love).mp3


2014_04_29 Restoring Biblical Church - Data-Based Christianity.






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Got cut off, but great introduction...

2014_03_29 Is Calvinism Biblical - Monergism vs Synergism.mp3



2013_12_03 Is The Old Testament Relevant For Us Today.mp3

2013_12_22 with Alan.mp3

2014_02_18 Restoring Biblical Church - Christian Education.mp3

2014_02_25 Restoring Biblical Church - God's Vineyard.mp3

2014_03_11 Restoring Biblical Church - Is the Bible a Jigsaw Pu

2014_03_18 Restoring Biblical Church - Jesus the Revolutionary.

2014_04_29 Restoring Biblical Church - Data-Based Christianity.

2014_05_13 Restoring Biblical Church - God Acts When We Cry Out

2014_05_20 Restoring Biblical Church - What the Churches Should

2014_05_27 Restoring Biblical Church - Cultivating a Close Rela

2014_06_03 Restoring Biblical Church - Cultivating a Close Rela

2014_07_22 Restoring Biblical Church - The Root Problem.mp3

2014_07_29 Restoring Biblical Church - Discipling the Nations.m

2014_08_05 Restoring Biblical Church - Biblical Government - De

2014_08_13 Restoring Biblical Church - They have Moses and the

2014_08_20 Restoring Biblical Church - Reversing the Curse.mp3




2014_03_19 Mark 7-26 More to this than you'll ever know.mp3

Haven't gone back and listened to this myself yet, but I'm told it was a very powerful interview I did on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report:

2013_08_22 Hag and Hag all 3 hrs.mp3


and here's one I did with SusannePosel on the 14th amendment:



Robert Newman

2013_07_30 Robert Newman from the UK.mp3

2014_05_29 Robert Newman - General vs Special Appearance.mp3


Interview on Dennis' Show

6-4-14 Attorneys Above the Law Author & Co Host Dennis Schuelke

Tom Friess' First on Daniel Ch 9; Christ Turned into Antichrist!!!

2013_05_16 Tom Friess Dispels Futurism.mp3




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